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Skin Stress Balancer Soluble Powder Serum
Skin Stress Balancer Soluble Powder Serum
Skin Stress Balancer Soluble Powder Serum

Skin Stress Balancer Soluble Powder Serum

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The first Soluble Powder Serum for stronger and smarter skin - Fast and easy application... add it to any ID Swiss Botanicals serum, cream & moisturizer or your own favorite water-based skincare product.

Protects and strengthens the skin by helping to regulate its response to daily stresses - UV, pollution - limiting inflamm'aging (premature aging of the skin). Complements your cosmetics without altering the textures and fragrances. Highly concentrated in ID Swiss VectorS - 2nd generation vectorized Beauty Complex™.

• Powerful antioxidant effect: +56% efficiency vs Vitamin E: Neutralization or reduction of damage caused by free radicals in the body. The consequences on the skin are vast: spots, dullness, local disorders and premature aging of the skin.
• Reduction of skin sensitivity to daily aggressions by up to 67%: The pro- and anti-inflammatoiry messengers produced by the skin (i.e., repeatedly over time) create a cascade of reactions that end up altering the tissues and affecting the appearance of the skin with wrinkles, a darker complexion, etc. Accelerated aging, due to repeated inflammation (in the case of sensitive skin), is called 'aging'. The Skin Stress Balancer is designed to help your skin respond to these external aggressions and thus limit the consequences of inflamm'aging.
• Natural cell regeneration capacity boosted by up to 30%: Active ingredients are associated with the proliferation of keratinocytess (cells of the epidermis) ; it allows the skin to regenerate. In addition, it promotes tissue repair during wound healing.
• High concentration of ID Swiss VectorS™: Skin Stress Balancer is the first I.D. Swiss Botanicals product to feature the new and sophisticated VectorS ™. This second generation vectoring system is based on a state-of-the-art dual encapsulation technology of multiple active botanical ingredients, developed in Switzerland and owned by I.D. Swiss Botanicals. The encapsulated ingredients provide increased stability and safety, as well as improved bioavailability and efficacy.
• What products can I use the Skin Stress Balancer with? The Skin Stress Balancer can be used with all water-based cosmetic skin care formulations. This means that it is compatible with your day and night creams, serums, BB & CC creams, gel creams, beauty essences, gels, elixirs, masks, hand creams, body creams, body milks, body lotions... If the main ingredient in your skin care product is listed as water, it's considered water-based. If you take a look at the list of ingredients and something like almond oil, jojoba oil, or any other oil is listed first, you can safely assume the product is an oil-based product.
 Suitable for all skin types, recommended for sensitive skin. Dermatalogically Tested. 

Size: 0.3 oz. (8 g)

Yuka Score: 86/100 (EXCELLENT)

Ingredients: Isomalt, aqua (water), cannabis sativa seed oil, pentylene glycol, pinus cembra wood extract, lecithin, cannabis sativa leaf extract, cyclodextrin, tocopherol. Sku No. IDSSB8   Yes SM


The formulas in the I.D. Swis Botanicals skincare line are vegan. The plant-based ingredients are double-encapsulated, allowing an increase in bio-availability using less of each ingredient. In short, the dermatologists at I.D. Swiss Botanicals has selectively included the only elements our cutaneous system (skin) will accept from each plant-based ingredient. The formula is considered safe for the most sensitive skin, fortified with a thoughtfully developed botanical complex that promotes the release of c.b.d. into the skin and increases its molecular absorption. There is no trace of t.h.c., simply the elements your skin is naturally designed to love. Maximize every benefit for healthy skin in each of I.D. Swiss Botanicals' skin-calming formulas.

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