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Face Cleansing Beauty Bar 3 oz. - Sensitive Skin
Face Cleansing Beauty Bar 3 oz. - Sensitive Skin
Face Cleansing Beauty Bar 3 oz. - Sensitive Skin
Face Cleansing Beauty Bar 3 oz. - Sensitive Skin

Face Cleansing Beauty Bar 3 oz. - Sensitive Skin

Compagnie de Provence
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Formulated without soap, from 100% natural ingredients, this long lasting facial cleanser acts as a treatment by eliminating impurities while maintaining moisture. Particularly gentle and specially developed for sensitive skin, it combines rebalancing natural prebiotics with soothing organic Inca Inchi plant oil. Neither too greasy nor too acidic, deeply cleansing your skin without harming it. A real moment of self-care thanks to its generous texture and its soft foam, it leaves the skin perfectly clean, soothed and comfortable.

• PH-balanced Formula
• Soothing Botanical Oils
• Gentle on Sensitive Skin
• 100% Natural Origin Ingredients
• 24% Organic Ingredients
• Hypoallergenic
• Vegan Formula
• Made in Provence

Fragrance: This product does not include added fragrance, the natural aroma of the ingredients are faint and can be described as delicate, green & fresh.

Size: 3oz Beauty Bar (Equal to 2-3 bottles of classic facial cleanser)

Routine: Before you start remember to wash your hands with one of our liquid soaps, of course! Moisten your face and hands with warm water. Lather your hands gently with the beauty bar. Apply the foam to your face using circular movements to gently clean. Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water and dry gently with a clean towel. This facial cleanser is so gentle that you can use it morning and evening for a delicate cleansing of the skin. For lovers of double cleansing you can even use it as a supplement to the moisturizing cleansing oil with organic vegetable oils. It is recommended to keep the cleanser in a dry place.

Did you know? On the surface of your skin, there is a complex ecosystem of living microorganisms: the skin microbiome. The natural prebiotics present in our Extra Pur Facial Cleansing Beauty Bar are active ingredients that help nourish and promote the growth of the beneficial bacterial flora of this microbiome. They thus reinforce the health of the skin and contribute to reinforcing its natural protective barrier.

Laboratory-Proven Results*:
• 13.7% rise in hydration & skin soothing

Sensitive Skin Results*:
• 100% of testers found their skin softer
• 95% of testers found their skin more comfortable
• 95% of testers found their skin soothed

*Tested under dermatological control on a panel of 20 people, Instrumental measurements on 20 volunteers 20 minutes after application.

This product was specially formulated in a way that follows the strict guidelines for organic products. So gentle, it can even be used during pregnancy. Our facial cleanser is formulated with natural prebiotics that help keep the skin microbiome well-balanced, for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.


Nettoyant Visage Extra Pur - pour Peaux Sensibles avec Huile Végétale Apaisante, Made in France Sku No. SS085SA   Yes SM