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Tonic. A Luxe Lifestyle.

At Tonic, we are passionate about living a beautiful life.

About having beautiful things that inspire a sense of pride.

For 27 years, two lifelong friends, Toni Joel & Nikki Horovitz have been working together, passionately creating Luxe lifestyle accessories that are both beautiful and thoughtfully designed.

At Tonic, we design products for aspirational lifestyle achievers, who seek moments, experiences, products and gifts beyond the ordinary.

Our aim at Tonic is simple; to provide cherished moments of indulgence, every-day.


Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz are the brilliant entrepreneurial minds behind Tonic. Tonic was initially conceived as a product development business focussing on gift-driven & personal care products, creating products for leading retailers under our retail partners own brand.

Although, Tonic has changed significantly over the last 27 years, becoming a successful retail brand in its own right, collaborating with retailers both in Australia & overseas, is still an inspiring part of Tonic’s business.

Tonic continue to partner with leading retailers, creating entire ranges; from initial concept and design through to beautiful retail ready products.

We also collaborate with our retail (or corporate) partners, by taking some of our most popular items in the existing Tonic range & creating exclusive prints, shapes or designs that work within their existing retail offer.

Tonic is exclusively distributed in the USA by Cie Luxe Brands. We continue to search countries near and far, always with open eyes and mind, knowing that the next great product may be just around the corner. Cie Luxe works closely with Tonic, whose passion and devotion to quality reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. We strive to bring old world values of craftsmanship to modern marketplaces.