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In the mood for… Perfume is an emotion.

When you are born in Grasse everything in your environment is about perfumery. My family has been living forever in Grasse’s area originating from a little village in the pre-alps north of the town. Living a rural life, they used to harvest salvage lavender as an additional income for the family. During the flowering season the men were living on site collecting and treating the flowers in a still with naked flame to produce oil and floral water they sold to Grasse factories or in my grand-mother’s general store in Grasse.

This unbelievable place, precursor of our current concept stores, was filled with treasures. Apart from lavender oil she was selling rose oil, perfumed sachets and candles made of beeswax, pots-pourris, among many other daily necessary domestic and dying items as well as antics.


I grew up in this store surrounded by a mix of lavender, rose, turpentine, waxed wood, twine, paint and…dust. Today one of these smell can still draw tears from my eyes. This lavender sachet in my drawers bring me up the memories of my grand-parents, of this village of this mountain, all this at the same time, every morning. It is like opening a photo album. These perfumes are so deep down anchored in me, they are directly related to my inner feelings, my memories and my imagination. Just a sachet of lavender puts me in a wonderful mood, makes me travel in times and places, connecting to my inner life, to my family, my country, my town, my passion. This is the strength of a perfume; this is what perfume should be for me.

When naturally, while creating the perfumes of many brands, I came to imagine my own brand, I selected fragrances which could provide the same true olfactory experience to my customers and have them discover how fragrances are linked to our feelings, have an influence on our daily mood, how certain fragrances you associated to various events in your life can make you travel, remember, how wearing a perfume is never innocent, how it is a deliberate choice, a statement of who you are, who you want to be and how you want people see you.

IN THE MOOD FOR…perfumes have been imagined in my showroom in Grasse, created by very talented perfumers friends who share the same vision of perfume and taste for nice raw material. They are produced in the heart of Provence with the best craftsmen of the industry.


No. 1, Nostalgic mood? Relive the scents of 1968. Gorgeous notes of PATCHOULI blended in a modern way with amber, sandalwood and vanilla. Return to days past. Shop this parfum

No. 2, Dark mood? OUD is a precious, savage and luxurious blend where sandalwood, oak moss and patchouli affect all senses and evoke the smell of deep tropical forests. An unforgettable olfactory adventure. Shop this parfum

No. 3, Happy, Sparkly mood? A BERGAMOT, of course! This composition is built on the harmonious blend of bergamot, grapefruit, lotus and peach, all laying on a background of leather and precious musk. You’ll be smiling inside and out. Shop this parfum

No. 4, Bright & Spring mood? An intense COLOGNE in which lemon and bergamot play with a serious heart of freesia and neroli, while musky orange blossom looms in the background. Timelessly elegant. Shop this parfum

No. 5, Sensuous mood? A warm MUSC enchants the senses with an intense seductive mixture of bergamot, jasmine, amber, benzoin and vanilla. Your evening just got more interesting. Shop this parfum

No. 6, Melancholic mood? Sparkling YUZU with a zest of cardamom, softened with opulent white flower blossoms, velvety black vanilla and a hit of powdery musk. Simply addictive and sure to cheer you up. Shop this parfum

No. 7, Mysterious mood? Between shadow and light, this fragrance plays with the notes of candied sun-filled BLACK FIG, green fig leaves and a woody/oriental accord of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar wood, laying on a balsamic background of labdanum, leather and white musk. A stationary voyage. Shop this parfum

No. 8, Glowing mood? A joyous and fusing profusion of citrus notes, neroli and bergamot, deploying their sunny and fresh notes of ORANGE BLOSSOM and sambac jasmine, softened by white musk and grey amber. THE French sophistication. Shop this parfum


During my life with perfumes and fragrances and also raw material I discovered later in my life and which awakened my senses and are deeply imprinted in my mind. The fig which reminds me of the fruits we used to collect in the shade off the tree by a very hot summer afternoon, sticking our hands and filling our home with their fragrance. The orange blossom my grand-mother used to make the cake typical of Grasse and which naturally brings joy and happiness, like the Yuzu or the Oud I fell in love with in Morocco.

I used a symphony of the finest raw materials to pay tribute to the traditional French perfumery savoir-faire. I created a timeless, simple to read and elegant range of fragrances to share and to wear: IN THE MOOD FOR… is a collection showcase of a timeless cologne, a sweet friendly patchouli, an eternal bergamot, a so-evident orange blossom…

Built around the concept that fragrances have an influence on our mood, IN THE MOOD FOR... Eau de Parfum allow you to wear fragrances that compliment your every mood: perhaps your fragrance of choice is one that will transport you to a park bench on warm spring days, filling your nose with the fresh and light scents of the season. Maybe you want a seductive scent, one that will accompany you on aromatic evening?

I invite you to discover IN THE MOOD FOR... fragrances and make your perfume experience a truly unique moment, everyday.


Enjoy! Claudine Roublot