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Cie Luxe
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Sketches & Notes

(Example of the Sunkissed candle box.)


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Paper: 0.24pt SBS Uncoated
Color 1: Rich Black (C = 50, M = 40, Y = 25, K = 100)
Technique: Embossing on top panel & ovals on side panels
Adjustment: Increase embossing or change to UV Gloss Varnish


Glass Labels: If we change from blue to white for the glass we will prefer to screen print, and will not use labels. Currently using Matte Film. Below are the top choices from the UPM Sustainable Paper Book. 

(Left, Smart Choice WL72E with the smart varnish; Center, WL72E; Right, "R" RENEW SY1699M. To view PDF on paper label choices, click here.)



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(Example of the Sunkissed diffuser box.)


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Details: Misc. Panels


(Left, Match box tray for candle box with instructions. Right, dust flap design for candle & diffuser boxes receive similar white fragrance icons.)


(Left, top & bottom of candle box. Right, top & bottom of diffuser box.)


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Fragrance Icons: Side Panel Image Library



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Box Front Composition: Addition Content & Logo Resize



(No change to logo size, addition & location of fragrance detail.)




(Larger logo size, addition & location of fragrance detail.)




(Larger logo size, third location option for fragrance detail.)




(Candle glass adjustment concepts.)




(Label adjustment concepts.)




(Larger font on two lines of text, to the left. Fragrance info larger than the second line. Nik & Veronique prefer the option on the left. Veronique thinks the current font size is ok, if the printed samples don't look right with a larger font.)



Current Working Files

File No. 07
PDF Title Hanging Fragrance 18.pdf

File No. 06
PDF Title Core Box Adjustment 2024 Box Front Details.pdf

File No. 05
PDF Title Core Box Adjustment 2024.pdf

File No. 04
PDF Title Box Adjustment 2024.pdf



Texture: Paper or Ceramic Textures














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