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Sample Kit
Sample Kit
Sample Kit

Sample Kit

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One free sample kit per house hold.

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We believe that our product is significantly better than the skincare products available on the market and that you will love it.

We are offering a limited number of customers a chance to try I.D. Swiss Botanicals products for free and feel the difference. You can order one set of I.D. Swiss Botanicals product samples for free. Sample Kit contents vary. Our current kit includes a sample of our Skin Stress Balancer, samples of our serum, moisturizer and cream, and may also include one cosmetic mask.

Please note that this offer is only valid one time per household and limited to one set of samples. Available while supplies last. When in stock, Sample Kits ship once a week from our warehouse in San Diego if you fill out our form. If you add a FREE sample kit to your order, the kit will be included in your shipment.

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The formulas in the I.D. Swis Botanicals skincare line are vegan. The plant-based ingredients are double-encapsulated, allowing an increase in bio-availability using less of each ingredient. In short, the dermatologists at I.D. Swiss Botanicals has selectively included the only elements our cutaneous system (skin) will accept from each plant-based ingredient. The formula is considered safe for the most sensitive skin, fortified with a thoughtfully developed botanical complex that promotes the release of c.b.d. into the skin and increases its molecular absorption. There is no trace of t.h.c., simply the elements your skin is naturally designed to love. Maximize every benefit for healthy skin in each of I.D. Swiss Botanicals' skin-calming formulas.

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Deep Hydrating Serum

Radiance Moisturizer

Nourising Night Cream

(Neuro)Cosmetic Mask


Take part in the (Neuro)cosmetic experience with Fanny Leeb as your guide, in three easy steps. Step 1, Have your I.D. Swiss Botanicals product in hand. Step 2, Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit with your headphones on. Plant your feet on the ground. Relax and unwind. Breathe in, Breathe out... Step 3, Now that you are in the right place and your breathing is regulated, you are ready for our immersive experience.

To enter the fascinating world of (neuro)cosmetics let yourself be guided by Fanny's voice...