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NEW! ApothiCARE | Uplifting Mint Basil & Relaxing Anise Lavender

In need of a energizing ritual for the Fall season? ⁠@compagniedeprovence has the answer! Try their Mint-Basil fragrance and its energizing cocktail for a special boost: ⁠

Step 1: Lather-up in a motivating morning shower with the Mint-Basil Uplifting Liquid Marseille Soap… inspiring to your senses with a bright and fresh fragrance that is sure to lift your spirit. A botanically clean start!

Step 2: Apply our Mint-Basil Body Cream to satisfy your moisturizing needs. Thanks to the essential oils of mint and basil along with our trio of locally sourced sweet almond, grappled & olive oil… your skin will be nourished, soft and hydrated.