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Rolling Stone Recommends: The Best Hand Soaps
•by Sage Anderson
•Rolling Stone

Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap Black & White Tea Collection

From luxe cult-favorites to eco-friendly washes high-end hand soap brands like Aesop are having a moment, so here’s our guide to soaps that not only look great, but give you a good clean.

From the first glance at the striking graphic design on the lacquered glass bottle, you know that La Compagnie de Provence’s liquid soap is anything but average. With ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter, it’s thick and moisturizing enough to use as shower gel, and you’ll want to when you smell it. The gentle fragrance is a unique mixture of black tea and blackberry, and stands out from the other French-based soaps that rely on citrus-y or herb-y essential oils.

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