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Ballad in Oudh Candle, 8oz
Ballad in Oudh Candle, 8oz
Ballad in Oudh Candle, 8oz
Ballad in Oudh Candle, 8oz

Ballad in Oudh Candle, 8oz

Cie Luxe California
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Alluring and seductive, with more than a hint of mystery, this intoxicating scent evokes incense, mystique, and long-held secrets. Like notes from an epic ballad, oudh, framboise, amber and vanilla harmonize in their own poetic song - a song for the ages.

Our artisan candle maker crafts a unique blend of plant-based wax for each Cie Luxe fragrance. Every candle is hand-poured in California in our signature glass jardiniere and finished with a cotton wick. The clean and even burn will infuse a room with exceptional scent for approximately fifty hours.

Duration: 50 hours

Composition: Plant-based wax, Ballad In Oudh fragrance, cotton wick, painted glass, black lid, black & white matchbook set and candle box

Size: 8 oz (225g)

Community & Sustainability: The devotion to local production goes hand in hand with Cie Luxe California's ethos of sustainability and ethical practices. By keeping the production process close to home, the brand minimizes its carbon footprint and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

As you burn a candle or diffuse our scented oils, we hope each of our fragrances proves transformative on a personal level.  Some fragrances may evoke thoughts of love and romance.  Others may transport you to places both real and ethereal.  While some may make you nostalgic for people and experiences in times past.


Bougie Parumée - Ballad In Oudh, Made in California