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HYGGE Reed Diffuser
HYGGE Reed Diffuser
HYGGE Reed Diffuser

HYGGE Reed Diffuser

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[’hygə] Danish for ‘cosiness’. A word with no direct translation but with infinite meaning, and a reflection of the Scandinavian art of creating intimacy, fellowship and cosiness in the smallest everyday moments.

A perfume blend in painted glass with eight reed sticks. Refills available.

Scent Notes: Black tea and mint leaves, dried apples and a dusting of baked cinnamon.

Size: 6.80 oz

Use: The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for 3+ months.

Made in France

Skandinavisk is a Certified B Corporation. This product meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

Dimensions: 3.1 inch diameter / 3.9 inch height

Use & Reuse: Insert at least 4 reeds and rotate the reeds weekly for the full fragrance effect. When the perfume has evaporated, wash the glass vase in warm, soapy water and leave to dry. Re-use with scent diffuser refills - available for this fragrance, or re-purpose as a flower vase for single stems, wild flowers, or small bouquets.

Materials & Ingredients: Made from a blend of perfume in a natural vegetable base with wood reeds sourced from managed European forests and and engraved oak stopper.

• Partially-recycled and dishwasher-proof glass produced in the EU with metals-free water dyes

• FSC-certified beechwood lid from managed European forests

• FSC-certified packaging card from managed Swedish forests with natural color dyes

For our parfum formulas, we are aided by two important people:
Firstly, my Danish wife, who grew up in Sweden and spent her summers in Norway, and has had a passion for gardening since childhood. She knows how and what to plant in soils that freeze and seasons with short amounts of sunlight. She helps us understand the theme, what grows there and when, and – more often than not – we go visit. Our Copenhagen garden is also a constant source of experimentation and inspiration with more than 150 varieties of rose alone, together with a cornucopia of temperate flora.

Secondly, our gentleman French perfumer, who helps us interpret that theme through a combination of artistry and chemistry. Our perfumer regularly visits Scandinavia to build his own understanding of this region. We cycle in Copenhagen, swim in Swedish lakes, tour Norwegian fjords, and trek through the forests and coastline together. He learns our region, we learn the magic of perfumery. We don’t always get it right, but it’s not for lack of trying.

We know, and regularly visit, our primary producers in Denmark, Sweden and France. Some we have worked with since the beginning, others have joined us along the way, each adding their own dose of expertise to our growing product collection and company knowledge. We talk daily, we rely on them for their expertise, they rely on us for our growth.

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